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● Screening of all players, support staff, officials, and attendees will be done
upon entry at the venue and recorded in a register.
● Any person displaying symptoms associated with COVID-19 (fever above,
cough, shortness of breath or breathing difficulties) or people considered
to be in a high-risk group should not attend the tournament.
● Players will not be allowed to leave the demarcated area during the
● Sanitization of chess pieces, sets, and surfaces will be done in between
rounds, but players may bring their own hand sanitizers as well.
● Hand sanitizer will be available at the entrance of the venue, as well as at
strategic areas inside the venue and toilets. Toilets will have sufficient
soap and paper towels, as well as marked Covid-19 disposal facilities.
● No Mask, no entry into venue
● All players must wear masks, always covering both their noses and
● All players must always adhere to strict social distancing.
● Players, support staff and officials over the age of 60 or people with
comorbidities will be encouraged to be cautious and minimize exposure.
● Players will report the result to the arbiter.
No signing of opponent sheets and no sharing of pens.
● No hands will be shaken at the commencement of the round, nor at the
end of the match.
● Once the players are done with a match, and their results have been
recorded, they become “Spectators” and must leave the playing area
immediately and reside in the breakaway demarcated area.
● No informal games on private chess sets are allowed outside the playing
venue in the demarcated breakaway area.

Contact Marius Van Der Westhuizen for any info 072 065 1016