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About Us

— About Us

More About Overberg
Chess Federation

Our founding members share the common goal of improving educational outcomes and social development in schools and clubs. Hosting major chess events raises the profile of the game, increases awareness of its educational and social benefits and serves as a catalyst to make chess a part of mainstream culture across our region.

— Our Values —

Our Objectives, Vision & Mission


The objectives of the OCF is:

  • To create build and maintain communities of chess players in the form of chess clubs.
  • To actively market and promote chess as a sport, recreational and educational activity.
  • To increase the number of individuals registered with chess SA, particularity among schools and clubs and previously disadvantaged communities.
  •  To foster a spirit of healthy competition, sportsmanship and fairplay among players of all races, gender and ages. 



The Vision & Mission of the OCF is:

  • Promote the highest possible interest, standards and participation in chess.
  • Develop and promote skills and expertise and make make such expertise available to federation members.
  • Contribute to the development of chess in the Overberg region and where possible neighboring regions.
  • To foster increased interest, participation and enjoyment of the game of chess in the Overberg region and surrounding areas.




The Values of the OCF is:

  • Professionally representing members of the OCF. 
  • Credibility
  • Honor
  • Excellence
  •  Stability and sustainability.


— Our Team —

Overberg Chess Federation Exco

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Aldo Pekeur

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Gracia Joshua

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Schunette Beukes

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Tyrol Mackenzie

Development & League
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Carlton Van Wyk

Primary School Rep
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Louise Prinsloo

Additional Member
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Anelle Hendriks

Additional Member
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Marius VD Westhuizen

Additional Member